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Story Of Googly Book

We are googly book, Telegram’s no.1 book for premium sites. Thanks for showing interest to know about us. Launched in 2019 in India – we may still be fairly new to the Player’s party, but we’ve been making up for a long time. We’ve got some of the sharpest minds in this industry all teaming up to give you an unforgettable playing experience that will help you to win cash online.

What we do

We offer a wide array of gaming products – Including Teen Patti, Casino, Cricket, Football, Field Hockey, Badminton, Casino, Teen Patti, Horse Racing, Binary and many more games. Sounds great, right? Sure is, but how do we do it? 

How we do it

Googly book vision is to make win cash online easy for people as well as we believe playing games should be clean, easy and entertaining. Everything a customer does is driven by this. From our website to our WhatsApp, we offer a wide range of offers across different sports which are specially designed to give you the best playing experience. We’re constantly releasing new games for our customers, coming up with fresh ideas and keeping our ears to the ground for the latest trends to make sure we’re ahead of the curve. All your information is stored 100% safely and securely with us. Compromising on your experience isn’t googly style.

But, Why Googly Books?

We’re excited to give you the best offers from the rooftops. We’ve even got an exclamation mark in our name for goodness sake! Indore is where we started, but you’ll now find us all over India. People like googly books and constantly fulfil their needs. Our support team is in every day to help you with your playing needs. We’re constantly evolving and relishing industry change. But it doesn’t change our aim of putting you first.

Don’t believe us? Join the googly book today to get 10% bonus on your deposit and win cash online.


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Want to find out more or have a question? Drop us a line on [email protected] and we’ll get back to you As soon as possible.

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